The library is at a central location in the school stocked with magazines, periodicals, books and reference material. It is a fun reading hub with bean bags to create an informal yet conducive space for reading. Resource spaces for teachers are also an integral part of the library.


There are well-equipped Language, Math and EVS labs fitted with LCD projectors as well as Computer laboratories. There is a multimedia room for many lively classes with presentations in various subjects. The major focus placed on teaching computers, science, technology, engineering and mathematics to the children at junior, middle and high school levels is supported by a well equipped Robotics Kit with state- of – the – art facilities, a learning space for the children to engage in hands on activity, learning through ‘active play’ and discovering the mechanics of day to day technology.
A Stem Laboratory will enrich students by integrating STEM concepts with hands on activities. Designing skills, computational thinking, vocational crafts, app development and problem solving skills will be the focus in this state – of – the – art technical space.
All these are equipped with the latest instruments and tools and run competently by experienced laboratory assistants.

Smart Classes

TSUS classrooms will have Smart LEDs with Wi-fi and multimedia facilities. They come with an advantage of combining the features of a computer, the Internet, Power Point Presentations and animation.

This has further broadened the scope of e-learning as it has given the teacher a tool to enhance content by integrating images such as graphs, soundtrack, various fonts to add new dimensions to the class. It will enable the teacher to customize content according to the class level.

Discovery Nooks

Innovative spaces filled with child friendly equipment to allow for free and creative expression. These include wonder time and role play areas.

Play Corners

This includes areas for the students to develop their motor skills – for example the soft gym comprising age appropriate equipment.

Indoor Sports Area

Equipped with TT tables, carom, chess boards and miscellaneous equipment to enhance athletic abilities and mental agility of students.

Basketball Court 

A popular outdoor space which allows children access to their favourite sporting endeavour.


A spacious arena for a fun, recreational activity focused on developing physical coordination.

Cricket Field

A field of professional dimensions to allow for full – fledged trainings and matches.


An open space for gatherings and programmes such as assemblies, cultural festivals, guest lectures, storytelling sessions and outdoor activities.


The school provides GPS enabled bus service to all major locations.

Shri Connect

It is a parent portal which provides information helping parents to stay connected with the school 24×7. Parents will remain updated about lesson plans, attendance, homework, overall performance and daily progress of their children. Parents can fix appointments with the faculty and pay the school fees through the portal.

Medical aid

There is a well – equipped Medical Room with a qualified nurse to deal with minor medical issues. The school is also linked with one of the best hospitals to deal with medical emergencies.


The Shri Ram Universal School is firmly committed to safeguarding the physical, social and mental well-being of the students. It employs a full-time counsellor to provide children with advice, guidance and support, whenever necessary.

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