I never teach my pupils, I only provide the conditions in which they can learn.”    –  Albert Einstein

In the many years that I have been involved in imparting the knowledge I have gained, I have always believed that every child comes with a promise of greatness. Tapping that innate talent and potential in the child is in the child is in the teacher’s hand. Identifying each child’s uniqueness and guiding them towards reaching their personal goal, would in turn ensure that they scale great heights.

I welcome you to The Shri Ram Universal School, Jammu and urge you to be part of your children’s journey during their learning years, while they experience, explore and experiment through activities that enhance and enrich their own learning, and yours!

With a team that is passionate and committed to the school’s vision and mission, our endeavor will be to ignite in each child a curiosity that encourages them to explore and nurture each child’s creativity that leads them towards innovations. TSUS will provide your child with opportunities that will enable them to hone their skills and knowledge thereby preparing them for a future that they are ready to face with courage, confidence and compassion.

By education, I mean an all-round drawing of the best in the child and man, in body, mind and spirit.”  –  Mahatma Gandhi


Let us work together in the true spirit of the SHRI Way to ensure that our children walk out into the world as young, responsible and spirited citizens, who use their skills and intelligence to make this world a better place.

With my blessings and best wishes,


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