“Everybody is a Genius, But If you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing it is stupid.”   –  Albert Einstein    


It is my privilege to welcome you to The Shri Ram Universal School, Jammu. As its Founding Principal, it will be my endeavor to ensure that every child who walks in will walk out one day as a wholistic and responsible citizen of the world.

The state of the art infrastructure coupled with the intrinsic Shri ethos and philosophy will be ably supported by a trained and qualified team of Shri Educators, who will make the learning journey at TSUS not just a memorable one for all, but also a meaningful and fruitful one.

The unique individuality of the child will be nurtured and supported by our sensitive, committed and compassionate team to ensure that every child gets equal opportunity to follow his or her dream and blossom into an individual that brings pride to the school, the family and the nation.

As equal stakeholders in the children’s journey through school, I humbly request all parents to join hands with the school to make this dream a reality. Let us work together to provide our children with every possible opportunity so that they are encouraged to reach great heights of success, both in their professional and personal areas of interest.

With best wishes,


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